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Bambam taking groupie with my phone <3

Welcome to Jaem in Seoul!

And yes, Bambam did take that photo with my phone LOL. I am a BIG time Hello Kitty fan, love KPOP, and ICE CREAM!! (who doesn't LOL). Kpop seriously ruined my life when I was about 6-7 years old (H.O.T. Era). I was reintroduced to Kpop back in 2006 when BIGBANG made their debut. Since then me and my sister-in-law have been on a Kpop roll. I am a multifandom (don't judge me LOL), I just can't commit myself to just one because I just love everyone. 

My first concert was January 2016. EXO was the first group I ever attended. Finally working and out of college I saved enough to finally get to see all these beautiful oppas live! Throughout the year I have gone to GOT7 (both concert & fanmeet), B1A4, BTS, KARD, and SEVENTEEN. I can't wait for many more beautiful concerts to come! 

I started this one stop shop for all my lovely Kpop fangirls and boys. I want to share the love of Kpop and show the world how far this genre of music has come. I want to gather and join all fandoms to share and gather around to tell the world how beautiful Kpop is. I hope to support the Kommunity in ways that I can. Fighting!

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