GOT7 360 Phone Grip

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Tired of dropping your phone because you don't have pockets to put them. Don't worry, this key ring will help solve your problems. No pockets, have to carry a bunch of stuff, hook the ring onto your finger to keep it from slipping.

Installation: clean surface of mobile phones, with ring clasp contrast to position, and then tear tape, paste, press 3 to 5 seconds.

Remove: need to remove the ring, seize the ring and the long edge at the bottom of the periphery, and gently to wring 15 to 20 seconds, after appropriate force, slowly removed. (don't use brute force, in order to avoid damage to the product)
Tip: as a result of repeated use of viscous weaken, after please gently clean surface with water, put in ventilated place dry, will return to original viscosity. So this is a can be repeatedly used cell phone ring

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